UA Local 67 Elections May, 2007






Rick Hill, Dave Rapley & Bob Bolan

Mike Robinson, Herb Felker & Hugh Johns checking voters in.



Rob Wiebe, Larry Culp & Pete Zuk



Randy Bergstrand, Nathan Bergstrand, Henri Dejaer & Wayne Rayner.



Dennis Christie, Kevin Mills & Waylon Hill.



Bill Large, Tom Watkins, Sean Heany & Bruce Whitelaw.



Bobby Lumsden



Dennis Kearny, Henry Culley & Bob Bolan



Les Kendall, Bob Martin & Billy Martin



Robert McSheffery



Donnie Martin & Robert McSheffery



Wayne Zuk, Andy Tallach, Pete Zuk & Ralph McConnell



Fred Wilson, Hugh Black & Fred Cracknell



Wayne Pierce



Fred Lucas & Vic Langdon



John Graf (Elvis) & Nicole Britton



Nicole Britton & John Graf (Elvis)






Wayne & Bonnie Dixon



Jackie McGowan & Jay Felker (See photo just below for a photo of a crest on Jay's back)



This crest is on the back of Jay Felker's jacket. I worked with Gary Speight and his dad Al at the Joseph Brant Hospital expansion over 30 years ago but I remember the 2 of them like it was yesterday. A very unique pair of fun loving guys that made me look forward to going into work each day. I'm going to hunt down some photos of them and post them on this site so if anyone can help out please email me. Thanks.



Mark Ellerker with his wonder dog Ken



Tom Watkins & Bert Creary



Wayne Lucock & Rick Hill



Eric Capoferri & John Graf (Elvis)



Jeff Mikich, Rick Hill & Glen Tinson



Bob Boekestyn & John Hawkins



Rick Joseph & Bob Bolan



Joe Clark & Bob Martin



Vincent Mizzi, Fred Garvin & Brian Cavan



Jeff Rae, Mark Lawrence & Barry Rae



Barry & Jeff Rae (Father and Son)



John Vandehei, Henry Sagan & Gerry Arnott



Henry & Anna Sagan



Leroy Phibbs & Annette (Biker Girl)



Rick Hill



Ray Doucet and his wonder dog Roxy.



Chris Kocis and his 2 younsters Gracie & Grier.



Peter Daleo & Brian Young



?, Harry Sybulski, John, Bob Martin, Rick Hill, & in back Matti Kari



Danny Harkner & Doug Vanderlip



Larry Hubert & Bill Winn



John Stone



Eddie Eisele, Harry Apted, & John Rauthier



Pete & Wayne Zuk



Greg Hall & Val Schikolenko



Norm Lawrence & Dennis Midgley



Thomas Cosmos, Max D., Bob Bolan, Creg Wardell & Mark Langille



Virginia Anzardo, Joe Patko & John Restas



John Kett & Ross French



Bert Creary & Les Ellerker



Ari Hoeflack


Larry Norris



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