UA Local 67
Welding Shop
Skills Training
2007 & 2008


Groundwork for the new rigging module. Will be used to train apprentices in the intracacies of the rigging and installation of tanks, vessels and piping.

The prefab work for the rigging module was done at Westlake Industries, a new UA fab shop in Burlington, Ontario, with the majority of the welding on the handrails and structure performed by our own highly motivated welding apprentices who did a fine job indeed.



Iron Workers from Shewfelt Construction swinging the first prefabbed section into place.



First section in place.



March 27, 2007.



Work continues March 28, 2007.



April 18, 2007.


The first official use of our new rigging module. The first annual UA apprentice competition. The company banners are in appreciation for the material & aquipment that these 2 fine companies donated for the event. Many thanks to them indeed.



It was a fine day for the outdoor portion of the competition.



Showing off rigging skills.



One of the projects constructed during the apprentice skills competition. For many, many more photos of the apprentice competition go to the "Apprentice Competition 2007" page.



Local 67 members, including a couple of old veterans honing their skills in the shop class. This is why the quality of our workmanship is so high.



Ace welding teacher Dave McMaster with his flock of young pup welding apprentices who are grasping and searching for wisdom and knowledge in his class. From left to right are, Dave McMaster, .Shawn McCarthy, .Corey Dixon, .David Tompkins, .Brad Davidson, .Rob Turgeon and Luke Heastony.



Harold Breit keeping things tidy.



Joe Mikich busy as usual.



Joe Mikich with his new baby "Lincoln Electric"



Rob Turgeon getting some tips from instructor Dave McMaster.



Chad Broker



Chad Broker working away.



Tyler Porterfield (He's the grandson of Danny Allan, my how time flies !!!)



Tyler Porterfield cutting.



Newcomer Joe Souza with the old pro Joe Mikich.



Joe Mikich & Cleve Campbell



Ted Czerechowicz


Back row: Instructor Steve Knapp, Anthony Giglione, Jesse Kanmacker, Mike Beader, Aleem Ali, Doug Schram, Jason Chrysler. Front row: Tony Sault, Jared White, Melvin Feere, Joe Hunter, Cindy Newman, Ian Bayne.


Val Casciani



Tom Holmes

Robert Shantz (Very industrious co-op student)



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