Paul Marshall, Tom Watkins, Annette, Mark Ellerker


Mark Ellerker, Annette


Paul Marshall ever helpful, applying Local 67 tatoos


Paul Marshall, Annette



Rhonda Rulli (holding daughter Payton) and Shawn Rulli



Bob Martin, Garry Ellerker, Geoff Roman



Madison Inkster, Corrie Cunningham



Madison Inkster



Dave & Janis Inkster with daughter Madison



Monique Hoeflaak with Simon (Winner of youngest baby award.)



Hoeflaak family, Monique, Ben with sons Simon & Noah



Bill Charlebois, Les Ellerker, Randy Charlebois



Bobby Martin getting decorated by the skillful Silly Milli



Corrie Cunningham, Bob Martin, Silly Milli



Corrie Cunningham & Brooklyn Bergstrand



Bergstrand family, Nathan (holding Ryleigh), Tara with kids Brooklyn & Zackery



Dave & Janis Inkster, Erin Brown, Delisser family Phil & Hilary, Malachi & Tafari, Barry Gibson



Delisser family, Phil & Hilary with Malachi & Tafari



Tracy Roman & Mark Ellerker



Barbara Dominic, Shawn Rulli with Payton, Rhonda Rulli, Trina Didomenico, Kevin Didomenico (I need help with other names in line)



Bob Martin breaking a rule and feeding the wildlife !!!



Cliff Richards, grandson Malik and wife Norma



Richards extended family, Amy, Norma, Cliff, Carrie holding Charelle, and in front row, Malik, Kaijah, Kieran & Shaylyn



Eric Duffus & Tonia Roman



Eric Duffus & Tonia Roman



Tonia Roman, Geoff Roman, Eric Duffus



Hugh Black, Bill & Beatrice Brown



Ariana Didomenico, Kelly Touratzikian, Barbara Dominic, Cathy Touratzikian, Trina Didomenico. (I need another name here, email me if you know it)



Jamie Crandan, Cara Marshall, Tia Marshall



Tracy & Geoff Roman



Italo Didomenico & Kevin Didomenico



Nick Dutcher & Corrie Cunningham



Brown family, Erin, Brittany, Jessica, Lucas & Bob



Lucas Brown with his dad Bob



Candy Scramble



More Candy Scramble



And more candy scrambing



Shawn Rulli with daughter Payton



Payton Rulli



Getting ready to race



Ready for sack racing



On your mark, get set, go



Hop, hop, hopping



Lori Zych



Annette filling water baloons






Let the water baloon fight begin.



First victim of Annette's wrath, Geoff Roman



Somebody's about to get it.



Shawn & Rhonda Rulli, Garry Ellerker holding Payton, Les Ellerker



Garry Ellerker holding grandaughter Payton



Payton Rulli



Gibson family, Heather, Barry holding Sarah, and on table Nolan & Nial



Hodgson family, John & Tricia with kids Sidney & Bobby



Taylor family, Brooke & Rob (holding Landon) & son Kaleb.



Tom McClurkin & Lori Zych



Clive Dolman, Les Ellerker



Garry Ellerker trying to sing



Ron Collens, your faithful photographer.



Johnathan Livingston Seagull (A surprise guest)



All good things must come to an end. See y'all next year.

This year's picnic was a huge success thanks to the hard work of our social committee, H.Black, C.Dolman, L.Ellerker, M.Ellerker, P.Marshall, G.Roman, T.Watkins, B.Whiteman and of course our two office girls, Annette and Lori. Thanks also to Tracy Roman for helping with the barbecuing, she swings a mean hamburger patty. A fine job indeed !!! And a special thanks to Bob Bolan for staying out of everbody's way. I just might give him another star.


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Labour Day Parade & Picnic Sept.2007 photos.