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Start at the first yellow link that says,
"At the hall 2005-06 (Part 1)" and once you've scrolled through all
the photos you'll
see a link that'll take you
directly to the next page of photos without doubling
back here and so on through all the many pages.
Also some cool trade related web sites to visit down at bottom of this page.


Photos taken up at the union hall (2005-2009)



Local 67 Special Events (2007 & 2008)


Job Sites (Local 67)


Miscellaneous (Local 67)


Local 67 Slide Shows


Non Trade Related Stuff


Nifty Historical Web Sites.
Both are outstanding !!!

"Vanishing Point"
This web site is staggering in it's beauty.
Hundreds of high quality Fotos taken inside miles of storm drains
under Hamilton, Toronto etc. etc.,
and inside the old power plants in Niagara.
When on the Main Page of the site look for the little map of the west end of Lake Ontario
and click on the dot that shows Hamilton and it'll take you to pics of Hamilton's storm
drains. When the various pages come up move your mouse around to find
places to click on. Click photos to enlarge them. Breathtaking. When
at the map of Niagara click on the power plants & when they
come up click on each of the little dots for great Fotos.
Once you get the hang of how to navigate the
site you'll find hundreds of Fotos.