UA Local 67
Labour Day Parade & Picnic


Local 67s finest ready to march.




Garry Ellerker, Brian Morressey on truck & Sam Agro, Ken Bursey holding flags.



Brian Morressey & Garry Ellerker.


Hugh Black.


Bob Martin pretending to be doing something important
and Bruce Whitelaw who apparently is not familiar with
the phrase "be careful" .


Glen & Cheryl Tinson.


Chippy, Bill McMaster, Val Schikelenko & Roly Santarelli.


Laurie Hay & Tom Watkins.


Mike McNeil, Harold Breit, Neil McCormack, Bob Bolan, Marty Ward, Tom Watkins.


Vic Langdon and Rod Simpson.


Scotty, Ron Labush & See Ramadhar.


Bert Norris, Reno Perissinotti, Sal Martelli, Chippy Cipolla & Di Domenico.

Jim Carpener, Andy Tallach, Lorrie Hay & Bob Wyse.


Dick & Amy Dupon.


Bob Martin & Ian Sneddon.


Brian Morressey, Bob Bolan & Garry Ellerker.


Nick Holden & John Graf.

Elvis who stopped by to wish us well.

A little entertainment then he was on his way.



Keith Vanevery, Ian Harper, Dennis Christie & Paul Clark.


Kory Ross, Mike Phillips, Mel Cole & Ryan Roach.


Tina Harvey (holding flag) with her daughter Ashley Harvey.


Jody Dolson with son Blaine.


Mike & Alyssa Taylor with daughter Carmen.


Mike Ralph with his daughter Hannah.


Elaine & Bill Cumming.


Danny Allan & myself, Ron Collens.


Dave & Krista Bliedung with baby Eva snug
as a bug in a rug in her pouch .


Heather Gibson with son Nial.


Heather & Barry Gibson with son Nial & daughter Sarah.


Back edge of truck has Marty Ward, Bruce Whitelaw, Harold Breit and Paul C.
Sitting on the lift is Joe Mikich with Hugh Black standing. That's Les Ellerker
standing to the right of the truck.

That's Tina on the left and Jason Chrysler on the right holding our flags.





At the front we have the Gibson family, Niam with his mom Heather & dad Barry with Sarah in the buggy.
Directly behind them is Chippy Cipolla (tan shorts), Neil McCormick & Mike McNeil.
Right behind Chippy is Di Domenico (black slacks) & Sal Martelli (tan slacks).





Need names here, somebody please email me.







Val Schikelenko with the yellow football & Bill Cumming with arms outstretched. Far right is
Di Domenico (black slacks) & Sal Martelli (tan slacks)





Far left is Nick Holden (blue jeans) & John Graf (white slacks) then John Blieding (with baby Eva in pouch)
and his happy wife Krista.









Ted Czerechowicz with ?




Local 67
Post Parade Picnic








Hard working Pat Marshall trying to keep up with a hoard of hungry growling stomachs.

Clive Dolman keeping an eye on the yummies with
Paul Marshal & Mark Ellerker watching and learning.
That's Pat Marshall with the tongs having a well earned break.


?, Ian Sneddon & Mel Cole.


See Ramadhar & John Tweedy.


Ian Harper, Clive Dolman, Bob Wyse and Bruce Whitelaw.


Jim Carpenter, Jack Ross, Don Simon & Hugh Johns.


Kelly Touratzikian, Barbra Di Domenico & Cathy Touratzikian.


Barry & Heather Gibson with son Nial & daughter Sarah.


Young fledgeling apprentices Brian Power & James Robinson.


Need names here. Please email me if anyone knows.


Need names here but that is Ian Harper leaning against the tree.



Bob Bolan & Clive Dolman.


Nichole Brittain, Brian Morressey & Joe Mikich.


Laurie Hay, John Graf, Geoff Roman & Nick Holden.


Pat Marshall, Paul Marshall, Mavis Dolman & Clive Dolman.

Mark Ellerker. He swings a mean spatula with Mavis Dolman keeping a watchful eye on him.


Clive Dolman, Paul Marshal and Ian Tweedie.


Business Manager Bob Bolan with Agents Les Ellerker & Geoff Roman.


Jeff & Michelle Maxwell with daughter Brianna & son Jesse.


Tanya Gettinby & Melvin Feere with his son Walter.


Jamie & Kelly Walker with kids
Makenzie (in yellow) and Makayla.


Me, Ron Collens with Paul Marshal


Kelly Walker & Mark Ellerker.


Geoff & Tracy Roman loading up the truck at the end of a great day.



The only blemish on the day was this one unwelcome guest !!!



Thanks to all those who turned up to march in this year's Labour Day parade but we
really should have had a much larger turnout. For those of you who wanted to spend
the day with your family, hey, bring them along to the parade as others did, as you
can see from the photos I took. If you think it's to far for your kids to walk or for you
to carry them then walk a few blocks in the parade then fall out and slowly make
your way over to the park for the after parade picnic which was a good time for all.
We even have a float to carry our older members or those who have trouble walking.
The important thing is for everyone to show up. This is how we foster brotherhood &
sisterhood. Remember "United we stand, divided we fall." Personally, I have a ball at
these events, I get to renew old aquaintances and get to meet and chit-chit with some
of the new young members who I've never met before. The biggest thrill of all though
is you'll get your picture taken by me. Wow huh? By the way, even though I try to get
a photo of absolutely everyone at Local 67 events I always seem to miss a few members
so do me a big favour and grab me by the scruff of the neck if I'm missing you.

One more thing. I would like to devote a full page on my website to past Labour Day
Parades & picnics so if anyone has any old or recent photos please contact me.
Any past or present jobsite photos would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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