Home of the UA Hockey Tournament, May 4 to 6, 2007.


These following team photos are a little different than your average posed team photos.
Because of the very tight schedule there was basically no time for team pics so just
before each game I had to very quickly call all the players into a group for a hasty
couple of quick clicks of the camera. No time for proper posing and positioning.
It was a mad dash affair with the adrenalin cursing through my veins. All this
with no pre-arrangements with anybody. It was a spur of the moment thing.
The result was these sort of candid team photos that under the conditions
I think turned out pretty decent. I want to thank all the players & coaches
who put up with me and moved into position with lightning speed and
allowed these shots to be taken even though they were just seconds
away from the start of big important games each time.

Hamilton Local 67 (Oldtymers)


Hamilton Local 67 (A Pool)


Detroit Local 98 (Oldtymers B Pool)


Kingston Local 221 (A Pool)


Kitchener Local 527 (A Pool)


Montreal Local 144 (A Pool)


Montreal Local 144 (Oldtymers A Pool)


Sarnia Local 663 (A Pool)


St. Kitts Local 666 (A Pool)


Toronto Local 46 (A Pool)


Toronto Local 46 (Oldtymers A Pool)


Toronto Local 46 (Oldtymers B Pool)


Toronto Local 787 Refrigeration (A Pool)


Toronto Local 787 Refrigeration (Oldtymers A Pool)


Toronto Local 853 Sprinklers (A Pool)


Windsor Local 552 (Oldtymers B Pool)



And now the 3 championship teams with their trophies !!!


Montreal Local 144 (Oldtymers A Pool)


Toronto Local 46 (Oldtymers A Pool)


Windsor Local 552 (Oldtymers B Pool)




Here's a few candid shots.

The proverbial handshake after a hardfought game.






























Some fans and supporters at the rink.


Lee Robateau



In the left photo is Mike Harrington & Roger Sherwood while on the right is Danny Welch & Mike Harrington again.



Jeff Mikich helping Jerry Thibeault in the hat and t-shirts kiosk.



In left photo are Mark Ellerker & Jerry Thibeault while in right one we have Paul Marshall & (oops I need a name here.)






Les Ellerker, Mike McNeil, Paul Marshall and Bob Bolan.



Larry & friend quaffing a couple of brew in the upstairs lounge.



Me (Ron Collens) taking a little break.



I'll end this with this nifty photo I took from the mountain brow in front of the hockey arena.


Thanks to everybody who had a hand in making this tounament a huge success. For those
who didn't get up to the tournament you missed some very fine hockey. These guys are
good, and the intensity level was at a constant high from start to finish of every game.
Met some very interesting people from the other locals to boot. Now I'm looking
forward to my trip down to Cinncinati for the UA baseball tournament in a few
weeks. Be sure to check my web site for photos of it shortly afterwards.






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