Ron Collens
UA Local 67
2005 & 2006
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Dennis Kearny & Jeff Collens



Paul Marshall



Ben Pottruff and his proud dad Al



Dennis Kearny



Donnie Norris on pickup barking out orders.



Doug Llewellyn



Keith Vanevery



Doug LLewellyn, Leroy Phibbs and Mike Robinson.



Joe Hixon



Bill Boyko and Billy McCormack.



Bert Creary, Ron Payne and Larry Hubert



Jeff Maxwell and Geoff Roman.



Marty Charlebois, Ken Bourque, Adam Richie and Peter Djukic



Dave Bridge and Jack Gair



Chico Maheu and Adam Richie



Gary Bennett in back & Bob Bell joking with Al Pottruff.



Ivon Sakalauskas and Bill Boyko



Jack Day



Brian Graham and Jimmy Mercer



Les Ellerker



Bob Cole, Sammy Roberts and ?



Marty Charlebois



Marty Charlebois and Tommy Hand



Harold Breit and Joe Mikich.



Bruce Collings and Ray Leduc



Tommy Hand and Ken Bourque



Bert Wilkinson and Andy Agas



Bert Wilkinson and Hartley Smith






Pat Duggan



Peter Djukic and Fred




Reno Perissinotti & Peter Djukic



Harold Breit



Andras Golt & Steve Bainbridge

Skip Glover



Sandor Denes & Peter Rank



Steve Ross



Steve Rothy & Karl Hand



Steve Rothy



Bill Calvert & Charlie Baird



Vic Langdon & Chris



Billy McCormack



Bob Bolan & Les Ellerker



Bob Bolan & Neil Brittain in front and Bill Boyko & Adam Richie in background.



Bob King



Craig Mummery



Paul Marshall & Tom Hand



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