Ron Collens
UA Local 67
2005 & 2006
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Ron Collens



Bill MacDonald



Tony, Bob, Steve Rothy and Ken.



Bill Boyko, Billy McCormack, Ted Brown and Bill Large.



Bobby Lumsden and Peter Rank.



Clay Grant



Joe Mikich



Bobby Bell and Gary Bennett



Adam Vidmontas, Paul Vidmontas and Ben Pottruff.




Nicole Britain and her proud dad Neil.



Al Duncan, Mario Melatti and Deiter Saur



Brian Graham and Jim Mercer.

Adam Richie and George Rozman.



Al Duncan



Andy Tallach



Bill Large



Bobby Martin



Leroy Phibbs, Jeff Mikich.



Jeff Mikich



Ray McCallum


Leroy Phibbs



Mike McNeil



Leroy Phibbs



Frank Benincasa



Lenny Holland



Brian Cavan, Joe Mikich and Lenny Holland



Guy Gonzalez



Bobby Lumsden



Carmen Baiardo and Billy McCormack



Clay Lemmon, Neil Britain and Tommy Hand.



Eddie Duclos

Bert Wilkinson & Gerry Arnott



Clay Lemmon, Bob Wilton & Neil Brittain



Sammy Wilton & Reno Perissinotti



Zorro Kolbilski



Bob Bell






Bill Boyko, Karl Hand, ?, ?, ?, Terry Skoryk & Eddie Duclos.



Welding Shop



Richard Budd



Steve Ross



Bob Bolan



Joe Mikich & Brian




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