Ron Collens
UA Local 67 Photos
At The Hall 2007 (Page 2)


Bert Norris, Nicole Brittan and Bill McMaster

Marty, Billy McMaster and Bob Hilbert

Bert Norris and Sue Williams

Dave Bliedung and his wonder dog Wilhemina



Dave Bliedung again with his dog Wilhemina


Bert Norris with his big puppy dog, Jack.


Daniel Clark and Dave Collier


Ryan Thomson and Dave Bliedung


Billy Torkelson standing proudly by his masterpiece


Billy Torkelson. Dig the nifty doors.


Joe Patko, P. J. Civello, Geoff Roman and Frank


Joe Patko and Roger Kendrick



Max D. polishing up his baby.

Ted Martin & Billy McCormack



Dave Cobb



Alycia Jensen & Meghan Bradish taking a well deserved break from they're duties in Dale Bradish's office.



Alycia Jensen, Dale Bradish & Meghan Bradish (The "A" Team - Our Compensation Specialists)



Max D. & Dale Bradish

Rose Thompson (Welding apprentice)

Mike Taylor (Welding apprentice)



Bob Hanley (Welding apprentice)



Sue Williams, Dan Clark, Kevin Mills, Billy McCormack, Guy Gonzalez & Shane Hamilton



Jeff Collens at the Halifax union hall during a recent trip to the east coast.



Andrew MacDonald (Welding Apprentice)



Cory Dixon (Welding Apprentice)



Rob Turgeon (Welding Apprentice)



Shawn McCarthy (Welding Apprentice)



Me (Ron Collens) your ace, friendly photographer.


John Lanigan.



Mike Robinson & Clive Russell.



Jack Day & myself Ron Collens. Bumped into Jack here in Westdale recently. I was happy to hear from Jack that him and his wife are just fine now after the two of them struggled through a recent bout of ill health. You're lookin' good Jack !!





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