Ron Collens
UA Local 67
At The Hall
2007 (Page 1)

LEFT BY WINDOW: Craig Mummery. TABLE LEFT SIDE: MartyCharlebois, Pete Zuk, Dave Leckie. TABLE RIGHT SIDE: Mike Kush (closer) Kevin Dolman (farther back)

George Mayo


Lee Gilvare and Don Troke.


Bill Boyko, Dave Hilchuk and Ricky Woods.


Bob King and Randy Herda.


LEFT: Bob Lumsden, Dave Leckie. RIGHT: Craig Mummery and behind him is Matti Kari.


Garry Eckert.

John Graff. (Elvis)

John Lanigan and Ken Bourque.

Mario Melatti and Norm Laitila

Mark Kowalchuk, Mike Kusch and Sammy Wilton

Mark Patriquin, Jeff Payne, Toni Campenella, Rick Stoffelson, Nick Aquin.

Matti Kari.

Randy Herda, Garry Eckert, Bob King, Vic Campbell and Norm Laitila.


Help, I need names here.

Pete Zuk and Bill Orgill.


Pete Zuk and Matti Karri.


Marty Charlebois


Rick Stoffelsen and Mark Kowalchuk.


Ron Labusch, Garry Eckert, Bill Orgill and Bill Shonbeck.


Hank Veldman and Les Ellerker.


Wayne Pierce, Matti Kari, Bob Wilton and Sammy Wilton.


Wayne Pierce.


Charlie Thompson and Clive Dolman


Hank Veldman.


BACK TABLE: Bill Reid, ?. MIDDLE TABLE: Eddie Eiselle, Telmo Fadista, Brian Thomson. FRONT: Nichole Britain.



Doug Llewellyn, Dave Leckie, Bernie Plas and Geoff Roman.


Chad Broker.


Chad Broker again.



Pete Zuk and Skip Lennox



Lorne Mahoney



Gary Kowalchuk, Dave W. Inkster and Ed Welt.



Sue Williams, Dan McConnell & Tom Hand.

Bill Boyko & Glen Tinson.


Harold Breit & Clare Bell.


Harold Breit.


Joe Mikich.


John Setchell & his son Ted.



Serge Lupie & Hank Veldman.


Rod Adamuszak, Marc Hall, Bruce Daub & Norm Dupuis.


Bob Martin & John Duncan.


Donnie Norris, Pete Zuk & Bob Martin.


Bill Kramer & Bob Cole.


Donnie (The Plunger) Norris. Renowned for once unplugging 37 toilets in one 8 hour shift !!!


Marsden (Chippy) Henry & Mike Fittante.


Jeff Pierce & Jason Gris.


Bob Bolan barking out orders as usual & an amused Mike Robinson.





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