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Welcome to my web site. Here you will find a large array of photos and nifty slide shows of UA Local 67
members at the union hall, at work and at UA events. This is a work in progress so if anybody has
any photos of Local 67 members (labour day parades, job sites, union picnics, sporting
events, picketlines, senior's outings etc.) that they would like to share please
contact me by clicking on my email address which you'll find
just below here.


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This is a personal web site !
It's not UA Local 67's official site. I'm a very proud member of Local 67 who created this web site
strickly for fun and to showcase photo's of my brother's and sister's of Local 67.
I alone am responsible for it's content.



Local 67 Union Hall. 195 Dartnall Rd. Hamilton Ont.



The Hall in the wee hours of the morning.

.Early morn'. Awaiting the arrival of the whining, disgruntled rank & file members, indifferent manager & agents, aloof office staff,
haughty instructors, screeching dispatcher and assorted scruffy, unruly know-everything-already apprentices!

The back yard of the hall, so to speak.



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Warning !!!
This poor soul tried to save money by hiring a
non-union contractor and now woe is he !!!

So do it right the first time, hire Union Tradespeople !!





Present Business Manager Bob Bolan with a distinguished looking former
Business Manager Neil McCormick.

Don't they look dapper? Thanks to Annette for this nifty photo, and oh look,
she caught Bob smiling too. Way to go Annette!!


Hamilton's Storm Sewers

Inside Canada's largest storm sewer, "The Mountain Juggernaut" on Hamilton Mt..


Storm sewer system below Wellington St. Hamilton.

Another section of the storm sewer system below Wellington ST. Hamilton.

Where no man has gone before. Under Wellington St. Hamilton.

More from the varied maize below Wellington St. Hamilton.

Cliffview Falls drain on Hamilton Mt. West.

Exploring St. George's Drain out by Red Hill Creek, Hamilton.

Deep into St. George's Drain in Red Hill Creek area, Hamilton.

Photo's courtesy of Michael Cook.
To see more photos of Hamilton's drains plus photos of other Ontario city's
drains plus photos taken inside the old abandoned Niagara Falls power plants
visit Michael Cook's unbelievable web site vanishingpoint.ca.
There's a link to his site on my "photos,videos and web sites links" page (See above)



Local 67's finest !! At a senior's meeting, March 12 2008.

Back Row: Bert Creary, Phil Beddow, Bob Wyse, Dan Hadcock, John Bellini, Walter Wiegels, Clive Dolman,
William Lezanchuk, Don Bock, Ron Puschke, George Elsegood, Don Simon. Front Row: Dave Lees,
Andy Tallach, Ralf McConnell, Paul Marshall, Ray Adamson, James Carpenter, Myles Hand,
Donald Brown, Hugh Johns, C.J. Craddock, Arie Hoelaak. Sitting On Floor: Ray Haden.





Chuck Reid & his son William Reid.

Father & Son. A fine Local 67 tradition.




Passing the torch!!

Doug Llewellyn who recently retired after serving faithfully for many years as a
top-notch trustee standing with Dennis Christie who takes over the vacancy.
Doug was the epitome of what a trustee should be, diligent, hard working,
honest, researched everything to a fault and he definitely wasn't afraid
to ruffle a few feathers if the need arose. I'm honoured to be able
to call him a good friend. Thanks Doug for everything!!
We're fortunate to have someone of the calibur of Dennis Christie to accept the
torch from Doug & carry on in the same fine tradition. We're in good hands.


Doreen & Annette, 2 of our fine office staff who put
up with our moaning and whining with a smile !!

Oh, look, Annette bought me a Timmie's coffee !!





Students in our fine "Red Seal" welding program.

Young pup welding apprentices doing classroom work in the Red Seal welding program.

Top row: Instructor Steve Knapp, Anthony Giglione, Jesse Kanmacher, Mike Beader, Aleem Ali, Doug Schram,
Jason Chrysler. Front row: Tony Sault, Jared White, Melvin Feeke, Joe Hunter, Cindy Newman, Ian Bayne.

Another eager group of Red Seal welding class students thirsting for wisdom & knowledge..

Top Row: Steve Knapp, Brian Morrissey, Mike Ralph, Tina Harvey, Blair Harber, Tyler Vanderlubbe, Biu Kerr, Mike Taylor,
Middle Row: Heather White, Adrian Kovacek, Adam Taylor, Bob Hanley. Front Row: Dan Walters, Bob Hanley.

And one more class of Red Seal welding class students biting at the bit.

Back Row: Bob Turgeon, Steve Knapp (Instructor), Brad Davidson, Brian Morrissey (Coordinater), Blake Charbonneau,
Matthew Baldwin, Shawn McCarthy, Joe Mikich (Welding Shop Organizer), Front Row: Trevor Gilbert,
David Tompkins, Corey Dixon, Candace Scott, Luke Heastont, Andre MacDonald, Mike Culver.





Jeff Payne on his 2005 Harley (Dyna Low Rider, 88 cu. in.)

Born to be wild !!


Local 67 members at this past summer's golf tournament.


Just in !! Photos from $yncrude at the Tar $ands. January 2009.

Bob Martin out at $yncrude. Jan, 2009.

Hey! I don't want no leaks!!

Donnie Norris. $yncrude. Jan. 2009.

Donnie cleaning off all the dripping, messy flux that Bob Martin
so carelessly left on the pipes after soldering.


Donnie Norris out at $yncrude. Jan. 2009.

Yep, here's "Wanna-be Plumber" Donnie pretending that he can work at the
Plumbing trade too even though he can't particularly.


How many fitters does it take to hook up one lousy tiny wall fin
in a dorm room at the Tar $ands, Alberta??

Apparently 2 !! As shown here by Donnie Norris & Bob Martin out at Syncrude. Jan, 2009.
Now you know why gasoline is so bloody expensive these days.




Blast from the past !!!

Lunch time at Globe Mechanical's Pickle Line Job, 1998.

Bob Bolan with Jeff Collens behind him & Glen Tinson and Bill Tennant at right.
This was back in the days when everyone liked Bob, pretty much.

Hard at work on the same Globe Pickle Line job, 1998.

Jeff Collens & his dad Ron Collens.


An unidentified Local 67 member having his
lunch break back in the 60's.


The 37th United Association General Convention (Aug. 2006) where all the big-wigs gather to work out
strategies for getting us little people nice wage increases and improved working conditions. The
more conventions we have the higher our wages will be, that's how the system works.
(The redness you see in everybody's blood shot eyes is not caused by inferior camera work.).

"The Good Hands People"




These 3 lithos below are lovely examples of some of the fine trade related artwork hanging in the offices
and hallways of Local 67. (Why is it one never sees a litho of any of us on top of an oil refinery
tower in February with a wind chill of -37 degrees and icicles hanging from our frozen noses
or crawling around in 8" deep grease under the rollers in some filthy noisy steel mill ??)

"The Plumbers".............................................."Close Quarters".............................................."O.K. Tack It"........


Here's a cool Norman Rockwell print that hangs in one of the offices.

"No horse-play on the job !!!


*** Bob Bolan ***
I was going to use this space to mention how our Business Manager Bob Bolan is a man of high moral
fiber who always tells it like it is and doesn't candy coat things, and how fortunate indeed we
are to have someone like him running the show but I'm not going to because that
would be "political" and I won't have anything "political" on this site.

(I will rate him though. I've started him off with 5 stars and for each good thing he does
I'll add a star and for each bad thing he does I'll take away a star.)

It's been very difficult for me to find any good things that Bob has done lately to rate getting another star
but I did come across this photo just below with him in that snazzy brown suit so I'm giving
him another star for adding some much needed class and panache to Local 67.

...................Bob Bolan. Sharp as a tac!!!.........................Rick Joseph and Bob Bolan enjoying a lighter moment.



Here I am out and about on a nice pleasant summer drive. (2008)

"Now, what kind of mischief can I get into today ?"


A smiling Paul Marshal in his glory in Local 67's back parking lot trying out Harold Breit's
cool little red roadster. (Always talk nice to this man. He's the dispatcher.)


King of the world !!

This is me, Ron Collens in 1999 on the cast house floor of E-Furnace dragging scrap out from
underneath scaffolding with my big "hook." Tough job but somebody's gotta do it.

"The happy hooker"

Just like one big happy family on the #2 Blast Furnace cast house floor at Dofasco.

"Don't you wish you'd stayed in school?"

Look at all the happy faces in this group shot at Calorific's Fab Shop from 1998.

BACK ROW: Fred Leeming, Dave Leckie, Bert Creary, Bill Merritt, Gene Ingram, Rudy Bigcanoe, Don Graham, Ted Martin,
Alan Dupon, Ross MacDonald, Gabor Pasztor, Ray Bergeron, Cleve Campbell. MIDDLE ROW: Frank Caporale, Bruce Henderson.
FRONT ROW: Pat Duggan, Jim Smillie Jr., Ray Daca, John DFischer, Terry Williamson, Dave Halchuk, Eric Capoferri.

Local 67 gathering for the start of a Labour day parade back in the 1970's. That's Trevor Byrne
& Archie
McMillan in front and look, there's little ole me holding the "Jobs, not political promises"
sign. Note that no one is carrying any signs that say "We want project agreements !!"
or "Get rid of double time for overtime !!"

"Marching in solidarity"


1913. It was a very good year !!!

This one's a real gem. Back in 1913, Local 67 took part in a build a house in a day event.
It was done as a publicity stunt to celebrate Hamilton's Centennial Year. The nine room
structure was erected in the Britannia Park area near
Sherman Ave. N. in Hamilton.
There are more nifty photos of this big event
on my "Historical" page of photos
and also on the Hamilton Postcard web site. Find both of these by going
to my Photos Links page button near the top of this Home Page.

"Local 67's finest making history in 1913"

Hamilton's Labour Day parade 1913. Note the banners, "A Living Wage" and "Eight Hour Day"

"The early days of the struggle in 1913"



Since we're back in 1913 here's a photo of the UA Journal
from Nov. 1913. (From my personal collection)



Old Plumber's Blow Torch

Turner Baffle Blow Torch from 1924 featuring 2 regulator knobs
and the pump in the handle. The good ol' days...A-a-a-ah.



Notice !!!
Important safety issue just out !! Scary stuff !



Typical job site bathroom facilities in the bad old days. This is one of the injustices that we
fought against in our ongoing struggle for better working conditions...


"Hey ! Can you pass down some toilet tissue please."




DID YOU KNOW: Physicist Albert Einstein (E=MC2) was an honourary member of the
United Association. During a speech he had mentioned that he sometimes wished he
worked at a job where he had to work with his hands, like being a plumber.
When the UA heard of this statement they offered him an honourary
membership in the UA which he wholeheartedly accepted.

(No, I didn't make this up, it's true.)



A reminder: If anyone's got any photo's of Local 67 members or events that they wouldn't mind sharring
please contact me at




Coming soon to this site will be some pages devoted to the history of the labour movement so
that our younger members can see where we once were and where we're headed in the
ongoing struggle for better working conditions and better wages. Also
remember that I'll be adding pictures to the site on an
ongoing basis so come back again soon.

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